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Excellent Dentist in Bury St Edmonds Suffolk



Junior member
Jan 23, 2014
For many years of being afraid of the dentist I have found a brilliant dental practise in Bury St Edmonds Suffolk.


After a few e-mails, I plucked up courage to phone and make an appointment. I am so glad that I did.

My dentist "Indy" and his lovely nurse "Leanne" got me through my first appointment. Took it at my own pace next appointment was just talking about the treatment needed. I have now been twice for treatment, one filling and two extractions. More to follow. Being scared of the injection was my worst fear, but I didn't feel anything. Both Indy & Leanne told me what was going on at all times and I felt totally in control.

I can't recommend them highly enough. They have taken my fear away. Never thought I would say it but I look forward to going now, knowing that my teeth are now being taken care of by a wonderful dentist.