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Excellent dentist in Loughborough



Junior member
Apr 1, 2010
I'm surprised no-one has recommended the Dental Suite in Loughborough on this forum (apologies if someone has, but I can't find any mention of it). Dr Kalpesh Bohara is without doubt the best dentist I've ever been to - highly skilled at dealing with nervous patients, and the whole team are kind and understanding.

I recently visited this practice after not going to a dentist for 25 years. I'm so relieved to have finally done it and wish I had done it sooner!

Dental Suite website


Well-known member
Nov 24, 2006
My partner saw him at the Leicester practise and said he was brilliant!

My partner had suffered for about a week with not sleeping, not eating, nothing touching the pain of his toothache. The Dental Access Center saw him and were just rude, he gagged once and he was told "youll have to go on the waitlist to be put to sleep for work on that tooth.. Yet at the dental suite he didnt gag once! My partner said he was brilliant!
I only wish we could afford to be seen there for the rest of our dental work, sadly we're having to go down the NHS route. But yes, he is brill :)