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Excruciating pain and Hematoma from local anesthesia shots !!



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Jan 31, 2018
Just to give a little background , I had a prior bacterial infection with this tooth (#1 molar, tooth 30) about a year ago (should of had it pulled then but I do have a pretty bad phobia with dental work, so took amoxicillin and all felt better). Well just recently, the tooth has become infected again and this time I finally got the nerve up and went to an oral surgeon to have it extracted. When the surgeon administered the novocaine shots , or whatever medicine they use now, I could not believe the amount of pain that it was causing me , I was literally jumping in my chair and tearing. It really was the most pain I think I ever felt. I was waving my hand to get her to stop, but she just kept telling me to breathe (I felt like taking the needle and implanting it in her neck and telling her to "just breathe". LoL). The tooth never got numb and needless to say, that is as far as the procedure went. When I got home my tooth pain was so much more severe than before I went there, my face swelled up pretty bad, and to make things worse, the next day I woke up with a pretty large hematoma in my mouth where she shot the novocaine, think she pierced a blood vessel with the needle. Now she has really raised my phobia bar to a new level !!. Has anyone experienced this ? Was the novocaine shots so painful because I had a "hot tooth" (infected) ? I'm assuming the infection caused the anesthesia to not take effect , but I don't understand the swelling and hematoma without getting any dental work done, maybe the novocaine irritated the infection and caused trauma ? not sure what happen. Now, not only do I fear dental work , now I'm petrified of the shots. She told me to reschedule to have the tooth extracted under IV sedation, so I might consider that option as long as they can give me the shots after i'm asleep, and maybe with a different surgeon. Oh, and I forgot to add , I also developed what seems to feel like a little marble on my jawbone , same side of infected tooth, between my gum a cheek. uugghhh !

Thanks in advance :)
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I'm sorry you went though that!

A hot tooth can make it harder to get numb, but it's not impossible. My Endo said she's never not been able to get someone numb. I had that trouble once. It took her a few tries but it worked just fine.

I'd try a different dentist. Also if they dry your skin, then put the numbing cream on and leave it for a couple minutes it's easier.
Sorry to hear of your experience, I can pretty understand that your dental fear got worse from that. Sadly I have no idea about dentistry and cannot even guess what has happened, but I definitely agree with elizv - you should get a new dentist. One that respects your stop signal for example..