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excruciating pain with extraction on right side....HELP!!!!



Junior member
Jul 17, 2014
Hi all,
I got 2 wisdom teeth removed from the right side on saturday. The left side was done previously at two different times. However I went to a dentist for the lower extraction this time instead of an oral surgeon and it has been the worst pain I have ever felt. On the first day as the local anesthesia wore off I began to feel really bad so bad that I had to take two percocet pills initially , I waited a hour and the pain was still there like I never took anything .... the prescription says one to two pills every 4 to 6 hrs for pain well my pain was coming back every 3 hrs so of course I took one pill every 4 hrs. About the 2nd full day after I still had swelling and I was taking the pain medication as often as when I first started, I added 800 mg of ibuprofen. .. this seemed to take the swelling down and allowed me to wait 8 hrs in between taking pain medicine, that worked for about a day and a half. Then the pain came and it has been really really bad. I went back to the dentist today because I took a percocet without ibuprofen and I felt the pain two hrs later and I knew that there had to be something else going on. I went and she prescribed me more percocet and penicillin this time. Now the penicillin I'm supposed to take every 6 hrs and I have been trying to wait the six hours for the pain medicine as well but I can not sleep because after about 4 hours the pain is killing me again. It goes from my right temple all the way down to my throat and when it is at its peak it feels like I have a ear infection and that there is pressure in my jaw and ear. I simply just want to be able to go the 6 hrs without taking pain medication and be ok but it is proving not possible because it is hurting to the point where I want to cry. I didn't experience this with the other side I took the pain medicine for two days on the other side and I was fine. I would really like for this pain to go away so i can stop takimg the medicine. It usually makes me sick, so I only take it for 2 days tops but not this time i guess the pain is outweighing that. I don't know what went wrong on this side is there any way to manage the pain better and to know what is causing it to feel this way. I also followed all the post extraction instructions to avoid dry socket I have not had any hard food, soda, or anything. I have used salt water without spitting, and I have brushed around the areas as well. The dentist also never looked in my mouth when I went back she simply looked at my face saw swelling and told me it was a difficult procedure so she expected me to still hurt and added penicillin to the medicine. I would really like to be able sleep again for more than 2 hrs at a time.
Hi, you can alternate between paracetamol and Ibuprofen every four hours to keep the pain relief constant, do read the instructions carefully for max doses and don't take the Ibuprofen on an empty stomach. If the pain becomes unbearable and you're in the UK call 111 who can advise you or even put you in touch with a GP who can then offer you something stronger, it operates 24/7. Good luck