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Expecting a Vaneer, Ended up with a Crown which is off colour



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For the past 15 years my front teeth have had vaneers. Every 5-6 years one of them breaks and I go through the process of getting a new one. They never break at the same time and I have had no problems over this time with colour matching or shape.

Recently my front left vaneer broke and I went to my local dentist (different dentist) and she polished my tooth up ready for a new vaneer. She let my choose the colour which perfectly matched my other vaneer. I get a temp for the time being and are told to return in 2 weeks.

On the fitting day I'm sat in the dental chair and are told I'm getting a crown fitted. Not really knowing the difference she slotted it in my mouth, showing me the mirror for 3 seconds and asking if is all is well. At this point I'm like okay looks good. 15 min later I'm in the waiting room wondering why it feels so big (on the back with my tongue) Feels nothign like the back of my other vaneer. It's huge at the back.

Okay so jump in the car and look in the mirror. WOW. It's slightly off colour. Can't believe it. Drive home and here I am looking in the mirror every 5 mins trying to convince myself it's the same colour. My wife starts asking why my front teeth are different colours now, then tries to convince me it's difficult to notice.

I'm eagerly awaiting Monday so I can call and discuss this further, but I'm wondering what kind of rights I have here.

Just to rub it in, this is the first time I've every paid for dental treatment as I was previously on Working Family tax credits.

New Crown on the right of picture


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rob wain

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Apr 23, 2013
Newcastle Upon Tyne
veneers only work if they're glued to enamel. If you've had repeated veneers then the enamel will have been lost which means the veneer won't be strongly glued. Never the less you should have been informed that you were going to have a crown not a veneer.
It is also possible that you already had a crown on that tooth but you weren't aware as the back was a better shape.
It's very difficult to match a crown and a veneer particularly across the two front incisors.
If the crown has a metal backing then its almost impossible.
Go back and discuss it with the dentist.