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Exposure to injections



Junior member
Nov 28, 2023
Hi all,

My local dentist practice knows that I'm a v. nervous patient, and that the main issue is with injections. My dentist recently advised that I go see the hygienist. The same dentist did a filling, so she already gave me an injection. She suggested that I also get LA for the hygienist appointment, but I told her that I'm much more afraid of the needle than the discomfort of a clean (it's a 30 minute clean so I don't think it's a deep clean). She said it would have the added benefit of making injections be not such a big deal for me.

Just talking about the idea of an injection in my mouth brings me out in a cold sweat, but I can also see her logic because they really aren't such a big deal. Is this standard practice?
I can see the logic behind it, it's not standard practice.
You might get a better job done by the hygienist if they know you're not hurting, it's human nature to try to avoid hurting somebody if they're exhibiting signs of pain...
@Gordon Are there special injections used for hygiene work? I’ve read in some places that they need to anaesthetise the gum tissue, which involves more painful injections…
No, just the usual.