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Extensive Dental work - Unable to pay.



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Jan 25, 2011

I am James 29 from Nottingham

I moved back to England 5 years ago, after being 9 years in France

My tooth problem started approx 6 years ago, I have recently stop smoking after 10 years

Between the fear of visiting a dentist and maybe embarrassment due to my teeth and financial problems they have slowly gotten worse the last few years

My back wisdom teeth have complety decayed and the 2 teeth on either-side just after have gone as well (as in complety decayed the middle is complety gone and only part of the sides still remain

I recently got a quote done for all the work that needs doing and it amounts to over 1800 pounds... I am the only one to blame for not getting this addressed sooner, but I guess when we grow up we realize only too late what we should have done, I need to get this fixed. I was refused a loan for this amount... my current dentist refuses to treat with nhs help and only whats to do private

I currently also have another loan that I used to help my parents in a tight spot, I would not be able to pay the dentist fee before another 6 months and my teeth will only get worse even a payment plan is un-fisable for a while ( I wouldn't have enough to cover all my monthly expenses and living fees)

Is there any help that exists in the UK to reduce cost or take a loan that I can start paying back towards the end of the year ? or maybe there are dental schools ? Any information would be much appreciated.

Don't know about a loan, what you need is a dentist who is interested in your health rather than making money ! :mad: My teeth were worse than yours, but when I finally made myself do something about them I was able to have all the treatment on the NHS, which meant that multiple extractions, fillings and a set of dentures cost me a grand total of about £180.

If you go to the Dental Services part of the NHS Choices website, that will tell you how to find other NHS dentists in your area - you may also find that your local Primary Care Trust has a dental helpline to assist you in this. You should certainly be able to get all the necessary extractions and fillings done under the NHS, only cosmetic ( i.e. optional ) work is not covered. It sounds like your dentist is choosing not to treat you under the NHS - find someone who will !

I would be looking for another NHS Dentist. If you go on the NHS web site and put find me a Dentist in my area it gives you a list of Dentist and also tells you if they are talking new patients on.

The top payment on the NHS is £198.00.

Good luck with your search. :)
Definately look for another NHS dentist. The dentist that would not treat you as an NHS patient sounds abit 'dodgy'.

Good luck
Definately look for another NHS dentist. The dentist that would not treat you as an NHS patient sounds abit 'dodgy'.

Good luck

Agree :grouphug:. Find a caring NHS dentist who will treat you in accordance with the rules.