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Extensive work and looking for a new job



May 24, 2021
Hi all
So I'm having to cancel and move my appointment this week. Childcare issues and also work won't let me have the time off 😫
Anyway, I know I'm going to need extensive work doing, I also want to look for a new job as I'm unhappy but is this a silly move if I know I'm going to need teeth removing etc? Anyone gone through this?
Thanks xx
@Amyx That is rough! Don't know if this is any use to you, or available in your area, but my husband had that problem where work wouldn't let him have time off, and he found a dentist that is open on Saturdays. Maybe a place like that would be able to help with your schedule issues?
My dentist is open on Saturdays but work are normally okay with appointments, it's our Christmas party that eve so holidays fully booked and few people on early finish they just can't do it this time 😕 hoping I can reschedule in the not too distant future 🤞🏻
So I've rescheduled but it's not till May!!!! I'm obviously trying to get in at other dentists but I also want to concentrate on my career for this few months.
I feel like I'm stuck in a rut and I'm so unhappy 😫
It can feel very frustrating that this stuff takes so long, and has so many hurdles to jump through, on top of everything else, I know. The day will come though when you will be looking back on this, though, and it will be behind you.