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External otitis and dental treatment-Is there a link?



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Jun 25, 2009
Sorry for hogging the forum with 2 queries this morning! :redface:

But I have been having problems and treatment and problems with treatment (!) with a lower molar since early Summer this year. And I also have begun having problems with my ear, external otitis (swimmers ear) same side, since then too. So am wondering if there could be a connection and should I mention it to my dentist as I never thought to before now.

The tooth has had root canal treatment and was heavily filled. About half of what was left of the tooth (visible) had broken off so the only option was a crown. Unfortunately it was not a good fit making flossing difficult and there was also some bleeding at the gum, so I found a new dentist and just this week had a new crown fitted.

Probably should mention that I also swim twice a week in an indoor pool, have been doing so for a year but the ear infections seemed to start around the same time as I started having treatment to the tooth. Is this just coincidental or could there be some connection?

Many thanks for any any advice and thanks for reading! :)
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Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Oh goodness we're back to occlusion again :)

There is a link between occlusal problems and glue ear, which is a chronic infection which commonly affects younger children, I suppose it's possible that the bite from your faulty crown messed up your occlusion enough to contribute to your ear problem, but it's really more likely to be a coincidence I'd say.