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Extra Growing upper canines fear



Junior member
Jun 5, 2017
Hi guys, over the past month or so i visited the dentist about extracting a random grown tooth in my upper left jaw, i had to put off the extraction appointment until id finished with university and exams etc, so now im back and im ready to go and get it done. But as of late ive been feeling a weird "feeling" above my upper left canine tooth, and my mind has began to wonder and worry that i could be growing another tooth up there, i remember during my check up appointment my dentist done an X-Ray and saw nothing unusual other than my extra tooth in the back of my mouth, is it possible that i could be growing something else up there? ive been feeling around the gums and ive felt nothing out of the ordinary, just an uneven bump compared to my other canine which has driven me even more over the edge, its only been sine yesterday that my minds been racing these thoughts and its worried me to the point that ive made a post here! is this something that happens? thanks in advance
If they did a panoramic x-ray and didn't see anything unusual then I'd be about 99.9% certain that there isn't another tooth there.

The bone around canine teeth is always more prominent than other areas of your mouth and that may be all you are feeling. There can be some size discrepancies from one side to the other depending on how the root of the tooth is oriented.