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Extra tooth



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May 26, 2013
Okay, Okay i am trying to stay calm BUT I can't I have an extra tooth growing under my adult tooth i think its pushing through my gum the dentist said i will have to get it pulled soon but next time i am supposed to go there is NOVEMBER so i am going crazy help now please!

  • :scared: And i am 11
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Are you in pain? If you are maybe you can get in to see the dentist before November..I have had many teeth pulled and it does NOT hurt.:) Sorry to hear you are worrying about this...There are a lot of people on here who will reassure you about this!! We ALL understand how you feel...
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Try not to worry about the tooth, if it was urgent the dentist would have got you in quicker. If you are worried about having the tooth out then it won't be bad.

You won't feel anything and the tooth under the tooth being taken out will probably just come through to fill the gap left by the tooth being taken. They don't pull the teeth out they lift them out very carefully and gently, you may feel a couple of rocks back and forth but that will probably be it. It won't hurt.

What are you frightened of ?

I had two molars removed 10 years ago (they were severly broken and decayed) and all i remember feeling was some pressure when the bottom one on the right was removed when they had to section it But no pain what so ever. The Top one on my left seemed to just pop right out no problem.

While i dont want to loose teeth ever again if at all possable, getting the two removed wasnt nearly as bad of an experence as i thought it would be. The mind has a way of creating senerios that are way way worse then what reality is, believe me i learned that the hard way.

Honestly, outside of some ever so slight discomfort when getting a rather deep cavity filled which quickly went away...i never was in any pain what so ever at a dentist that i can recall. In fact, the severe pain i felt when i was a kid when a broken molar got infected was the result of NOT going to the dentist