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Extra wisdom teeth



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Nov 6, 2010
My dentist recently revealed that I have two more wisdom teeth than most people, for a total of 34 teeth in all.;D He described this as rare.

In conjunction with this revelation, he also shared that working on those extra teeth may prove difficult because I have a rather active gag reflex.

That being said,

1) Does anyone know how rare it is that an adult have 34 teeth?

2) Is there a clever means to suspend or minimize a gag reflex?
1) Not sure
2) There is an anesthetic spray the dentist can use to "numb" your soft palate, thus minimizing your gag reflex
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1) Seen it once in 33 yrs... I'd call that rare :)

2) As Decan says, or Nitrous Oxide or hypnosis or salt rinse or behaviour management techniques.