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Extracting one wisdom tooth took 3 hours



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Feb 10, 2019
Yesterday morning I left for my second set of wisdom teeth removal. The teeth were positioned exactly like the other set so I expected no problems. The bottom one (most difficult) came out fine. The other one didn’t. After an hour of trying there was a pool of blood on the floor. The dentist took an X ray and it revealed that my wisdom tooth was pushed into my nasal cavity, lying horizontally on top of the roots of the M2 and M1. I was panicking hard.

Was sent to the hospital immediately. Waited for 3 hours there in panic and with the bigget swelling you’ve ever seen until a surgeon saw me. This surgery took about 2 hours. It was done under local anesthesia because it has the least risks. I cried the whole time (silently). Afterwards they sutured the hole(s) between my mouth and nasal cavity.

My cheek was and is insanely swollen, insanely. My entire mouth is crooked. I got preventitive antibiotics and I just have to hope and pray it doesn’t get infected.

Sorry for potentially spreading fear. 3/4 of my wisdom teeth came out fine. My dentist who does about 800 extractions a year said it’s the first time this happened. But of course it has to happen to the person with major dental fears ;D


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Gosh, that sounds awful, you poor thing.

Just in case your post scares anyone who needs to have a wisdom tooth extracted, I had the opposite experience. Mine was out within seconds. My dentist went from asking if I felt anything sharp to asking if I wanted to see the tooth, and I didn’t even realise she had extracted it. She told me that in her experience, upper wisdom teeth are usually the easiest to extract.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Oh no! I’m sorry it went so long.

I hope your recovery goes well.
Thank you all for your words. Again, this is something that practically never happens (about a 1/40000 chance in the case of my dentist), but I just wanted to share my experience because I do nothing but lay in bed and sit on the couch at the moment.
Thanks for sharing your story. We have to share the good and bad. Wishing you the best!
That can happen and you will be most swollen on the second day after.
Here is the X-ray from right after it happened o_O


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Gadsie, are you feeling any better ?
Gadsie, are you feeling any better ?

Thanks for your interest! Swelling is down to about 5%, but my face and neck are still yellow from the hematoma, and I still have trismus. I have two other wisdom tooth extraction sites that are infected and I’m being treated for. And I’m doing nothing but examining myself and googling these past weeks. Obviously fearing the worst like a true person with dental anxiety :p I’m one of the unlucky few.
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Glad to hear the swelling is down! I hope those infections go away soon! Its hard to get this off your mind when dealing with so much for sure.. Google is so tempting too. Hope your luck gets better!!:clover::clover::thumbsup:
You are such a good sport.

I am glad that you are posting here, demonstrating that even if things don't go according to plan, we are still okay.
A little update, because personally I always hate to read threads where the person never followed up :p.

Just got back from the dentist to get all my wisdom tooth extraction sites checked. They finally appear infection clear (apart from my horrible surgery experience, another wisdom tooth extraction site was constantly getting infected).

Things are not completely healed up yet but it's finally going in the right direction. Tomorrow I will visit the oral surgeon to get my stitches out and that should be the final check.

All in all it's been over a month of fear and misery but the light is near!
So glad to hear you are moving closer to the light at the end of the tunnel :)..