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Extraction 2 days ago - slight temperature and swelling



Junior member
Aug 3, 2016
So I had my first molar extracted on Monday about noon. It's been almost 48 hours and I'm noticing a very slightly elevated temperature (99*) and swelling of gums and cheek. The extraction site looks white-ish in places and a little pink around the second molar. I had a bone augmentation done and the site was stitched.

I asked the dr about the antibiotics he prescribed since I think I'm allergic to penicillin. He prescribed Clindamycin 150mg. I have MTHFR which among other things causes its own gut problems. I asked him about skipping the antibiotics due to my apprehension after reading about this drug. He said it would be fine to just play by ear.

Does se a slightly elevated temperature and gum/cheek swelling 48 hours after seem like a cause for alarm? I was thinking if the temperature hadn't settled, and the swelling wasn't any worse by tomorrow, I'd call the office for advice.


EDIT: I took my temperature with a temporal artery infrared (Exergen) thermometer. I added 1* to the result.
If you are worried tomorrow and your temp is still a worry for you then yes contact the dentist.

On the subject of the antibiotics if you take one of those pro-biotic little drinks with it or anything dairy like a small piece of cheese, drink of milk or some yogurt it will help with the stomach problems it can sometimes cause. Do take it all as when we stop part way through we build up an immunity that stops it working in the future.

I hope you heal well and feel better soon. Any worries call your dentist and check with them to be sure. :butterfly:
Thanks, Carole. I should also mention the elevated temperature seems to come and go throughout the day and hasn't gone above 100, even with me adding an extra 1* F to the reading. Some sites state fever for a few days after the procedure is normal. I just hope I don't have an infection, and if I do, the dentist will tell me something like Keflex can be used. It's the only antibiotic I know that I've taken before. The Clindamycin stories of severe gut problems, and even c diff have scared me off. I have plenty of yogurt and probiotics, saccromyces boulardi and culturelle, if I do end up on the Clindamycin, so hopefully that will prevent any issues. But if someone is gonna have complications, it will likely be lucky me LOL. A friend recently had an abscesses tooth and took Clindamycin and had zero issues even without probiotics, so maybe I'm worrying over nothing.
Hi, I'm not a doctor or anything but I just wanted to let you know that I was on Clindamycin for ages (one course after another whilst waiting for an appointment) and I was absolutely fine. In fact I was swapped onto Clindamycin after having severe side effects from the first antibiotic, Metronidazole. It was working great for the tooth abscess but I ended up hospitalised after a few days with stomach problems. The Clindamycin caused no pain at all. It worked brilliantly too. The only thing is to remember to drink a large glass of water with it as it can cause pain if it gets stuck 'on the way down'.

I think some people are just sensitive to some antibiotics. It's different for everyone, and every drug has risks, but don't be put off by the scare stories.
So I think I may be getting a bit of a cold/sinusitis or something. I had forgotten that the day or two before the extraction, I had some drainage and a slightly elevated temperature of about 98.9 or so, but it went away before my appointment so I just forgot about it.

Now, I've noticed my throat is scratchy and I've sneezed a few times. The "fever" still comes and goes. Could be a cold coming on, just a coincidental timing? If the temperature doesn't stabilize by mid-day tomorrow, I'll call the dentist.
I called the Dentist's office and told them about the elevated temperature and swelling and tenderness. Dentist said it was nothing to worry about and was quite common. Was asked if I had a bad taste or odor from mouth, told them no. No further instructions were given, so I gues I'll just wait and see. If "fever" is still present tomorrow, four days after the extraction, I'll call back and see what they suggest.
Hi try to relax and try not to worry about things going wrong. It is very easy to say but so very hard to do, I really hope you start to feel better soon :grouphug::butterfly: