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Extraction accomplished



Junior member
Jun 4, 2022
Backstory: I’ve always had bad teeth. As of today I have 9 lower left. Full top denture at 27years old.

Bottom denture I was supposed to get three times now and chickened out for the extractions each time as I have sleep apnea and terrified of being sedated & dying in my sleep (mild AHI 7.4) but my health anxiety is real 😣
For the past few days I had a back lower #18 which has been half a tooth for as long as I can remember and can literally see the inside it was so decayed and hollow, nerve exposed. The pain was on and off for years never had the nerve to see a dentist.
My last sedation apt was scheduled for yesterday- cancelled that morning even tho I was in EXTREME pain & could feel the infection. I called a local dentist and scheduled to be extracted today.
Woke up nauseas and physically sick from anxiety this morning but told myself you can go you don’t have to get it pulled (just so I would go)
Well I went!!! Almost passed out from nerves on the drive from anxiety - but I went in. Paid for nitrous oxide and as soon as it hit I was in la la land no fear at all!!! I felt so relieved I felt NO PAIN - hardly even any pressure!!! He even got it out in one piece despite how broken and rotten it was. I could not thank them enough.

I’m so proud of myself - still feel good! Little pain and a headache but better than the infection. Now to avoid dry socket my next fear!! Have my nicotine patch on and taking it easy.


Well-known member
Mar 2, 2022
@ScaredMamma that’s so amazing that you were able to do it! You should be amazingly proud of yourself :grin:

As someone who also has to go in for extractions, I totally understand having terrifying fears (even if mine are different from your specific ones.) But the fact you were able to get it done like you needed to? That’s awesome! Please do take it easy and just know we’re all super proud of what you accomplished!