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Extraction aftermath pain - advice please

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Sep 7, 2023
Hi all
I have had ongoing issues with a top right hand side molar for the last few months, no doctor or dentist can seem to help but due to extreme facial pain and pressure and gum/tooth pain i decided to extract the molar (I had a root canal done but no difference in pain)
I have been on two rounds of antibiotics in the last month alone, nothing seems to help, I’m a very anxious dental client so getting an extraction was a massive decision.
Since the extraction my gum/cheek pain above where the tooth was is extreme, I also think I have a bone spur?
Has anyone dealt with a deep infection not responding to extraction or antibiotics?
I’ve attached a couple of pictures of the gum above where the tooth was prior to extraction and then the current extraction site, not sure if any of this is normal as I’ve only had wisdom teeth extracted before.
I neglected my teeth for many years (I’m only 33) and now seem to be paying the price :(
Any advice is appreciated on if this is normal or if an infection can still be present after tooth extraction?
Doctors have not ruled out sinus but seems odd it was only affecting one tooth, teeth either side are fine, no issues (one is heavily filled but no pain)
Thanks in advance
That's a bony spicule by the look of it, a sharp piece of the socket which the skin stretches over as it heals and kind of cuts through from the inside. It'll either get better in 2-3 days or else you'll need to ask the dentist to help. (It's a simple and pretty painless process!)
Thanks Gordon, made an appointment for a couple of weeks time so will see how I get on then 🤞🏼 the gum is quite painful but doesn’t look or feel infected so hopefully stays that way
Thanks again
The gum will take a few days to settle down, little cells called osteoclasts are getting in there munching away at the old bone and remodelling things :)