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Extraction and front lower partial, support please!

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Apr 18, 2021
Hi everyone, its my first post but I really need some hand-holding, advice, and support.
A few weeks ago I had a nasty fall and knocked out my lower front tooth and needed the other front lower tooth wired back in at A&E. Since then I have been to the dentist despite being terrified and he has said the other one needs to come out as it is not rerooted and also it's a bad tooth so it would be better to get it out and place a two tooth denture.
I am absolutely terrified of the extraction and trying to get used to the partial denture. I am only 29 so worried it will be really obvious to other people. I'm terrified of the extraction as I have never had any extractions before and I need two deep cleans which again of course I am terrified of as I have a huge dental phobia.
I have gum disease and a pocket of periodontitis with my front lower teeth which is why the tooth came out so easily and the other one needs to come out.
Any stories/advice for any of this would be much appreciated.
I haven't had a partial but I'm probably about to have one. However, I have had an extraction and it's actually not that bad. Just a lot of pressure and tugging and boom that bad boy is out. If you choose to be, you are conscious but numb so if you need a moment then you can say hey, let's chill on this for a moment. Try to remember you can and should advocate for yourself. Yes, the dentist/oral surgeon is there to take a tooth but they can't just go, YOINK, and run away. I promise you it's not terrible. It was worse for my nurse because I accidentally bit her because I forgot how my bite was supposed to go (numbing does something weird to me).