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Extraction at a dental hospital - worried!



May 6, 2012
My rearmost upper tooth has had a root canal treatment done 9 months ago that was problematic as they couldn't find one root. A few weeks ago, I got a lot of pain and got antibiotics from the out-of-hours clinic.
That dentist I saw there said my tooth is cracked and also the wisdom tooth is on top of the root of it. He said it will eventually need to come out.

I then went to my own dentist and he told me to leave it for now and see if I get any pain again.
I am getting pain again although not as bad as when I had to get antibiotics. I am extremely worried because he said I will need to go to the dental hospital to get this tooth out.

Why is that and what do they do differently that my own dentist can't do? I am worried sick.
I don't want them to knock me out and then take out the wrong tooth or something. I would like my husband to be there so he can make sure they take the right tooth out and that I don't have a panic attack (I collapsed after having my last two blood tests). I also don't want to be knocked out. As a child, I was given gas at a dentist and it was horrible and I never want that again.
Only your dentist can tell you why they are referring you to a dental hospital.
I can't know if they have sedation planned for you at the hospital, but if you can arrange for IV sedation I would highly recommend it. I've had three teeth pulled under sedation and it was completely stress free and an almost relaxing experience. They will use anesthetic on top of the sedation and there won't be any pain at all.
It is completely, 100% impossible to have a panic attack under sedation. It's even impossible to be mildly concerned when sedated, you will just feel relaxed.

It's extremely unlikely that they will pull the wrong tooth, you'll be talking to the dentist beforehand anyway, and you can confirm with him which one is coming out.
It's also extremely unlikely that they will have your husband standing in the surgery pointing the surgeon to the tooth in question.
It might be too hard of a job for your dentist to want to tackle, it might also be better for you to be sedated in his opinion.

If you are really that concerned about being sedated, you need to have a word with them at the hospital, I remember your original thread. They cannot force you to be sedated. You need to ask them why and agree.

I would think it is for sterile reasons that your husband cannot be there as well, and really if I were doing my job, I would not want somebody stood there telling me what to do. I think your husband would be a very brave man indeed to stand and watch a tooth being removed.

Are they removing the wisdom tooth as well?

Do you know when you are going?

I have just read on another thread that when a tooth is rct and then has to be removed the root can break, which makes it a more difficult removal. This could be why your dentist doesn't want to do it. I wish I had known this before I had mine done.

You have to deal with what is, you will be fine at the dental hospital, they are really good, but do discuss with them why you don't want to be sedated and what are the other choices. Explain why as well.

Good luck:clover::clover::clover:
Don't be worried that it's being done at a hospital, that's actually a good thing. There you'll be able to see a specialist who is almost certainly much more experienced with cases like yours than an ordinary dentist, and their team will make sure you suffer as little pain and stress as possible.

I had a difficult extraction performed at a dental hospital recently. I didn't need surgery (cutting into the gum and bone), but if I had done it would have been mere routine to the surgeon. Apart from the injection there was no pain. The team were friendly and reassuring and had the time to explain everything to me.

I don't think it's at all likely you'll need a general anaesthetic. If you're worried even about sedation perhaps you could compromise with a diazepam (Valium) pill. A small dose won't make you feel groggy and not notice or be able to do anything if they remove the wrong tooth, it'll just help block the anxiety.