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Extraction failure leaving 4 root behind



Jan 15, 2022
I had a molar lower extraction yesterday but it wasn’t successful. Dentist had to section my tooth into 4 pieces but couldn’t get the roots as they were brittle and crumbling.

After a solid hour of trying with lots of numbing and blood she called in a senior dentist who tried for another half hour before giving up.

I’m left bruised and swollen with 4 roots remaining. I’m booked to see their surgeon who I’m having to pay privately who does implants as they think he might be able to do it by cutting my gum and jaw bone open all whilst awake: if he can’t I need a hospital and the wait list is months potentially years.

So stressed out with it all. Can’t even take the antibiotics I’ve been given as need to finish a course I’m on for a bladder infection which I need to get rid of as I have a chronic bladder condition.
That's a shame. Any antibiotic will be fine, they're probably not necessary. Any surgeon who can place an implant can dig out some roots in their sleep, so it'll be fine.
Thank you Gordon. You don’t know how much your words have helped! A lot of the stress is the not knowing and my previous experience of an impacted wisdom tooth being removed surgically left me in A&E after 12 courses of various antibiotics not clearing up post surgical infection.
I am in so much pain with this. My gum is still swollen to at least twice it's normal size and visibly bruised. It's a lower first molar and right by the remaining tooth a large lump has developed in the gum, that lump and along the front of the extraction site is crazy sensitive. I can touch the back of the extraction site, but the front feels like severe electric shocks at the slightest of touches. It's like nerve pain that fires down the length of the next 4 or 5 teeth.
Call your dentist tomorrow and ask them to have another look. Not much else you can do today. Did you ever start the other antibiotic the dentist gave you? If you can tell me the name of that one and the one you're taking for your bladder infection I can tell you if it's worth taking both.
My dentist won't do anything. The surgeon I am seeing Sunday evening is not one that really works there, he visits to do their implants. I don't think he will know that I am a non implant patient until I am there at closing time.
I took a 3 day course of Macrobid for the bladder infection which I finished Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon I started amoxicillin with one tablet that day, but 3 x a day since. That will put me on antibiotics until 24 hours prior to surgery.
I’ve managed to get an emergency appointment with her tomorrow.

I don’t think the issue is the extraction site but the premolar next to it. I can clearly see that has a big crack in it too and that is where my pain is coming from. The abscess is right under that crack.

How do I get my dentist to believe me? The tooth I had semi extracted last week was cracked and it took me three appointments before she took me seriously and believed it was down to the crack.

I’m sure this happened whilst they were trying to dig the roots out. I said to her at one point something went crunch and she said it was likely jaw bone. I think it was my pre molar.

I’m sick to death of pain. This isn’t living. It’s existing.