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Extraction fear. Surgery needed?



Jul 19, 2016
I need extraction of a tooth broken not far from the gumline. Can they pull it easy or do i need a nasty surgery? . Also do it hurt ?and i read horror storys of a lot of blood i am scared of much blood and pain

Background story:
A few years ago i had 5 cavities . 2 treated and 3 where root canal risk so did the easy ones furst. But numbing failed so got a trauma dindt go back too scared for the drill got to a laser dentist fixed one and second one for a part because there were 2 cavity spots and only one was very small so treated on spot. The next year i got the flu a lot and health issues and the dentist got over full need to wait months for appoitment when a part of the second tooth brakes visited a emergency dentist but he said . I dont treat it because my fear and no emergency. After a year i visited a local dentist and it was too late . X rays showed its decyed from inside below the filling advised to pull couldnt belive it because a part was still on it . In the mean time got a rct on the 3rd one . But now the filling felt out the second one and there is not much left

its extreme scary that tooth can decay from inside. I dont trust my teeth anymore and its feels like i am failliure that i lose a teeth partly thanks to that stupid fear of me.


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Jul 26, 2017
Minneapolis, MN

Sorry to hear you are going through this. the thought of extractions can be scary.. Sounds like you went through alot here and that you didn't have anyone really patient to help you walk through this compassionately or do anything timely. Know that you are NOT a failure.. I know how it is to be ashamed of not coming in when I was supposed to.. I did it for years too.. I know there are many dentists out there that want to really help patients like us and get us back on tract in a very kind and competant way. I've had my share of extractions and they don't have to be any bit painful with the right amount of anesthetic /patience and skill on the Dr's part . And the blood isn't usually bad either. and they give you gauze to bite on for a bit . Don't beat yourself up for the fear.. that is why we are all here , its common and you are not alone.. We are here to help.

Do you have a dentist you are thinking of going to for this work?