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Extraction fears - urgent advice please.



Junior member
Aug 19, 2015
Hello all,

I am having one of my teeth extracted tomorrow because it is broken and I am absolutely petrified! I have had fillings many years ago but this was never done with anesthetic because I was scared of needles. Although I no longer have a needle fear I am seeing so many horror stories about the pain relief not working - is this common???

I am also having a filling next to this tooth and a deep clean and the whole thought of this is making me ill.

Please can anyone help reassure me!

Is the treatment is going to take place in the loper op upper jaw?

It is the upper jaw.

Thanks x
When making a filling at the upper jaw, it is possible to have the local anesthetic without filling anything: not a pinch, not a sting, nothing. It is all a question on how slowly does the dentist administer the anesthetic solution.
From my experience, patients who are fearful of the injection (whether fear of needles, pain, injury or any other kind of fear) if they don't feel anything during the injection it really leaves a positive experience in them and reduces the fear during future treatments.
For cleaning and a tooth extraction the palate also has to be anesthised (in addition to the injection mentioned above) and this injection is noticeable (though should not be painful if given slowly).
My advise would be to have a filling first and the extraction in a later appointment (the cleaning can be done with the extraction). on the other hand, some patients would rather have everything done in one take. Very legitimate and reasonable.