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Extraction next Tuesday..help



Jul 31, 2013
i have posted a few times on here and my fear at the dentist is a weird one...I always worry I'm going to suffer a severe allergic reaction to the shot and have anaphylactic shock!!!! That some how the shot will numb my whole respiratory system!!! I have had shots before at dentist and not reacted so I know I'm being irrational..but the fear for me is real...this tooth has to come out,I have pain on and off and to be honest if I wasn't going on holiday soon I'd wait until I was in constant agony to have it sorted but I cannot bear thought of being in pain with toothache in a foreign country,,,,any tips,advice welcomed..thanks x
I am sorry that must be a very difficult fear to deal with in that it is also the manner in which you have pain relief during dental work. All I can say is that I just had my four top front teeth extracted and had a massive panic attack just as the dentist began. I am okay with having had the attack because everyone there was wonderful in calming me down so that we could continue. I was very much ready to have the teeth extracted but it also is my greatest fear. Because my adrenaline was pumping and my blood pressure went up I burned through the local very fast. I ended up having 14 injections in total by the time it was over. I never had any respiratory issues or adverse reaction from the local.

I know from your comment that you do understand that a severe allergic reaction would be highly unusual since you have already had a local injection without a reaction, but that is what fears are. They can be horrible but not reality. Have you spoken with your dentist about this? Maybe there is something that can be done to ease your fear. Do you think it might be possible to go in before Tuesday and simply have an injection so that you can experience that without the added stress of having the extraction at the same appointment? That way it might be easier on Tuesday to have the injection and the extraction. Good luck to you! :XXLhug:

If you suffer from a spread out inflammation, it might be very beneficial to start with an antibiotics (given by a dentist, not the family doctor) to lessen the infection and inflammation. You will benefit two things: first of all it will ease the pain and secondly when the dentist eventually will extract the tooth the local anesthetic will be much more effective it will make the local numbing much easier.

the Excent of the numbing depends on the location of the tooth. Generally speaking, numbing the upper teeth has no effect on the tongue and throughout (a bit on the palate though) so the fear of suffocation is not relevant. If you want to have the most minimal numbing effect, you should search for a dentist who uses the WAND or the STA technology. With these devices the dentist can numb only the tooth to be treated without effect the neighboring tissues.