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Extraction of lower premolars for Invisalign



Junior member
Nov 14, 2022
Just wanted to share my lower premolar extraction experience as I was looking for similar in the lead up to mine.

I’ve just started Invisalign, had multiple consultations before making a decision and all Orthodontists said that a lower extraction would be needed to get a good result. I had the choice between a single lower incisor or both lower premolars. I opted for both lower premolars to match previous upper extractions I had as an early teen (23 years ago).

Injections required were x2 per side/tooth - x1 at the back where you jaw hinges and x1 on the gum side next to the tooth. So x4 in total. All injections were honestly completely painless 0/10 - the pressure from his thumb was all I could really feel. I wouldn’t even describe it as uncomfortable.

A couple mins for me to go numb then just some slight twisting and slight rocking to get each lower premolar tooth out. No horrible loud cracking or anything which was probably the part I was most anxious about.

Hope this helps someone - don’t spend days or weeks stressing over an extraction, you will kick yourself after as it’s a breeze and nothing to worry about at all.