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Extraction or root canal with my jaw cyst



Junior member
Aug 28, 2013
I had a root canal on my upper front tooth at the age of 11 after trauma. Since childhood this tooth has been very discoloured, and I have always been sensitive about my ugly smile.
now I'm 34, and after a painful gum infection, I have been told that I have a significant cyst between the front and second tooth with local bone loss. I need a surgery to remove the cyst. Before the cyst was diagnosed, the dentist began a root canal in the second tooth.
My dentist recommends completing the root canal before the surgery, and hoping that I can keep the two teeth, however I may eventually need them removed if the cyst returns.
The other option is to remove the teeth during the surgery. My dentist thinks its best to have my natural teeth, but I've never been very attached to the ugly dark grey tooth, and the thought of now having two of them is off putting.
I am also tempted to have the extraction by the idea of having a single surgery, and not having to go through the 2 root canals. The drilling in my tooth was a terrifying, painful experience, and it is so expensive. I would hope my bone will regrow allowing some good looking implants to be inserted.

so, :confused: is it worthwhile going through horrible, expensive RCTs to keep ugly teeth, or risk being toothless without ever being able to get implants?


May 30, 2013
I am not a dentist but wanted to give my opinion.

I would check into getting a partial for the front teeth and have them both extracted. My mother is in her 80's and she had a bone graft, then a full upper implant.

With so much going on, sounds like the risk of failure is pretty high. Again, that's only my opinion and I am not in the dental profession.


Junior member
Aug 29, 2013
As well as having my wisdom tooth out which most people do,I have had other teeth extracted. One was a side tooth that had been filled so many times,there was more filling than tooth. One dentist would not take it out as they wanted to do a crown.Though I did not want this as I was worried a crown would be uncomfortable so I wanted the tooth taken out. So the second dentist I went to took it out.

Then after that 10 years later I had a top back tooth that was hurting for about a year. But the community dentist would not do anything. They said the paid was all in minds and fobbed me off. Then that tooth got worse because they never put any fillings in which they should have done. then 6 months later I was in real agony proper toothache and I went back to the community dentist. They again told me it was stress and just coated the tooth with varnish. Which of course did not work and I ended up going to 3 different dentists and none would give me any treatment.because the problem never showed up in the X rays.

Then I went to a fourth dentist who told me that tooth needed to come out. And the dentist took it out and the pain was gone. When I asked the dentist who took it out why if I was in such pain did it not show up in the X rays. He told me that it was either a hairline fracture or in my case the roots had separated from tooth and gum. Which don't show in X rays. And the only treatment for that is either a root canal filing or an extraction. But even so I blame the community dentist because they should have treated that tooth months ago instead of messing me about saying it was nerves when it was not. Just because things don't show up in X rays does not mean nothing is wrong-The pain I had was real and the community dentist should have sorted it.but they never did so I had to go to other dentists but at least it got sorted in the end-That tooth was removed.
My last extraction i had was yesterday when I had the same problem but on the side tooth at the bottom. fortunately I was with the private dentist who took it out for me so no more pain.
I don't have crowns or caps-I like the old fashioned method of extraction.gets rid of the problem for good. After all in the 1970's they would have just taken that tooth out. They did not do crowns unless you paid a lot of money for them. Most ordinary people don't want them anyway.