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Extraction question



Junior member
Sep 2, 2021
South amerca
I'm willing to make a visit to dentis soon, as I lost 3 molars due to old fillings, but its been years i negleted to get it treated so teeth are just small pieces to gumline and I see a hole with something ressembling a gum or pulp that seems to have grown there and is kind of sensitive, sometimes it bleeds bright red and smells bad, everytime i wake up I spit blood. I have had this for years , I am afraid and have a strange phobia of "offending" the dentist when I go and he sees it. Honestly, I didn't want to live like this, it was something simple to solve, lately these teeth are hurting and I get a headache, but when I get better I feel normal, but I never feel well 100 percent, there is always a strange sensation in my body, it must be my body battling against these teeth every day::: i feel my scalp weird most of the time and my eye scocket
One question: would a dentist take out 3 molars at once?
I think they will do, I remember as a kid, my lower milk teeth did not want to get soft so the permanent ones were about to grow in, the dentist removed them all at once, there were four of them.
Also (it may appear dumb question) If i remove all thae bad tooth Will i get free of these feelings? I know I postponed too much, but my life has been a turmoil therse years I lost my father due to cancer and I recently healed from a lung tuberculosis, I willing to get rid of this as the turmoil is gone, thanks for the awesome support forum>


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Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
One question: would a dentist take out 3 molars at once?
Maybe, depends where they are.
The thing that seems to have grown is a pulp polyp, totally harmless. Just in case you're worried about that.

Don't worry about "offending" the dentist, I have to say this at least once a week on here. Dentists are "doers" we're not interested in how things got to where they are, we just want to get on and fix them. I'm also very certain that the dentist will have seen much worse teeth than anything that you turn up with.