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Extraction refusing to heal - Help



Junior member
Dec 7, 2021
Hi all,

I finally had a surgical extraction that I had put off for a long time for a broken wisdom tooth. I just couldn't face it due to potential post extraction infection.

Very happy and overjoyed that I did it...now it just won't heal.

Original extraction was 7 days ago. 4 days later I had a checkup too see the healing process. Apparently the clot wasn't looking right so dentist removed and put iodine in. Next day there was horrendous pain but that died down.

Last two days had a foul taste in my mouth, went back and this time infection was found. It has been cleaned and restuffed but no antibiotics - is this normal for an infection? Why won't it just heal!!!!!
Bad stuff can happen sometimes, it's not had a chance to heal properly yet, the healing process has had to be reset twice so far and given it's only been a week since the extraction it's going to take a bit more time to settle down.
Thank you, I imagine I would get some warning before the infection became systemic. The only symptom of infection before was bad taste and breath. Your responses are a lifeline to many.
Thank you
I imagine I would get some warning before the infection became systemic.
There's absolutely no reason to think that it may do so. Systemic infections from oral bacteria are vanishingly rare in the Western world at least.