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Extraction with abcess



Junior member
Jul 13, 2009
Hi all, I am due to have my first ever and hopefully last ever extraction tomorrow. A severly fractured (I can stick a screwdriver in and wiggle it) first molar on the bottom right. It fractured as a result of a botched rct that went uncapped for too long. Dont ask about that, long story :mad:.

Anyway, on friday the tooth or rather the socket started hurting and throughout the weekend my jaw got increasingly swollen. That is until sunday afternoon when the pressure abated. The visible swelling is now totally gone. Not in any pain at all but can still feel a bit of lumpiness if I run my fingers over the jaw.

Now I'm a bit worried that this will mean that the anaesthetic will not work tomorrow. Normally I need at least two shots for major work so I'm not sure how things will pan out with this infection (although its clearing fast). Is there anything I can ask Mr. Dentist to do, apart from giving me loads more blocking jabs?

Is there any point phoning in and letting them know beforehand?

I'm hoping that the fact that my tooth is dead will mean less chance of pain anyway... is my optimism misplaced?

Also can anyone reassure me that extraction are not quite as bad as being drawn on the rack?

Hi- looking at the dates etc- I think you have already had this tooth out by now?
Hope all went well.
If it hasn't been done yet- just let the dentist know of your concerns on the day and they will talk you through what will happen. Remember you have the control to stop what is happening at any time if you are not happy.
Dr Mike