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Extraction with IV Sedation Anxiety



Junior member
Jun 30, 2020
United States
I’m scheduled to go this week to get numerous extractions and a crown procedure done with IV sedation. I’m starting to freak out a bit because I’m reading that I will be awake but more so just hazy but Im confused because when I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was younger with IV sedation I literally thought I fell asleep. I also had a tooth extracted about 5 years ago with IV sedation and also felt like I slept through it. Are there different types of IV sedation? I’ve taken Halcion for a root canal before and I felt minimally sedated, almost like a strong Xanax and I’m hoping IV sedation will be stronger. Starting to really freak out because the procedure is supposed to take 2 hours and I don’t know if I can handle it if it’s not a deep sedation. Any advice or insight? Thank you!!!
Doesn't your own practical experience rather trump stuff you read on the internet? Just curious and mean no offence, I'm trying to understand better what scares people.

There aren't really different types of IV sedation in dentistry, it's a fairly standard technique, so you're likely to have the same experience with it as you've had before.
Thank you! No offense taken, moreso my anxiety gets the better of me and then I start googling and reading that oral sedation is similar to IV sedation but oral sedation didn’t really do much for me. I should probably just stop reading things and that would be the true solution but that’ll just have to be my lesson learned for next time.
Thanks. Just trying to get a handle on the thought process. Every day is a school day.