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Extraction without proper sedation



Junior member
Apr 28, 2024
South Bend, IN
I just had a really bad experience at the oral surgeon and don't know how to react. I got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday, and the surgeon refused IV sedation due to my BMI, which is understandable, so I asked for laughing gas. I've had it before for a tooth extraction, so I knew what to expect. But he caught me off guard by just throwing the mask on and immediately starting with the anesthetic. I was pretty tense and he gave no time to let the nitrous work. And then he immediately took it off. What? He treated it like a light switch. I knew I should've walked out at that point, because he did the same thing durring the procedure and it didn't start working until three quarters of the way through the procedure. I'm not gonna detail everything. But the whole thing was so traumatic that I actually cried when I got to my car. He didn't even bother flushing the line with oxygen like other dentists do.

At this point I don't even want to talk about it to any friends or family. How do I deal with this? My trust has just been completely shattered.
@Jace48 Hi there, I am sorry this happened to you. He sounds callous and careless, like he didn't treat you well because he was in a rush,. and this sounds like it would feel like a traumatic betrayal. I guess my way of dealing with this kind of thing, has been to try to prevent it in the future. To switch to different doctors or dentists if someone hasn't treated me well. Sometimes to try and find ways to advocate for myself, get educated, and to make requests or talk about what I want or need in advance.