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Extraction yesterday, blood clot loose



Junior member
Sep 1, 2018
Sorry this is doubling up on posts, I couldn't work out how to post on this forum first!
Got 2 teeth extracted yesterday under general, top right wisdom tooth and the one next to it, which s very broken. Apparently that one was a bit problematic so they needed to stitch it afterwards. I've been coughing and spitting today (didn't know I wasn't meant to, and coughing due to the Intubation anyway) and now I'm freaking out because I can feel a big wobbly mass in the tooth hole that I'm assuming is the clot - I don't want it to come out but it feels really loose, and I have Tourettes syndrome, which means that not poking it with my tongue is REALLY HARD! Coughing and making throat noises are also tics of mine, and I'm terrified it's going to fall out. Does anyone know how 'stable' the clots are, or whether maybe it's the stitching that is making it feel wobbly? I am pretty sure I'm going to end up dislodging it if it's relatively easy to do, feel like crying at how rubbish I am at this!
I don't have a dentist currently and I'm going to organise one soon but I'm also scared of the idea of my first appointment with a new dentist being for a relatively big deal, if you see what I mean.
You can't really dislodge a clot that easily, it could be that there's a bit of artificial blood clot in there, we call it surgical. It doesn't matter if it falls out so feel free to cough and so on as much as you want.
Thanks Gordon, that's quite reassuring! It's still pretty painful but I'm managing to hold off on poking it so far.
Well done, you've got better will power than I have!
Haha, I'm poking it with my tongue but every time I almost get my finger in there my husband shouts at me!