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Extractions, dentures and covid



Jun 5, 2019
Newcastle Upon Tyne
So after the last few years of covid, my assessment with the dental team came around again as they needed to make sure it was up to date.

We all agreed I still need full extractions.

I will get immediates and then proper ones after it’s all healed.

I’m getting done under GA.

Absolutely scared.

I don’t know why but I have this niggle, because I have a small mouth, I get worried and anxious over whether when they do the extractions they might fracture my jaw or rip my mouth at the side if they have trouble getting in.


Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Hi @MarkGeordie88 I'm not a dentist, but to me, it seems highly unlikely that they would rip your mouth at the side or fracture your jaw because of your small mouth. If you like, we can move this into the "Ask a Dentist" section to get an answer?

Jodie Nelson

Verified dentist
Jan 8, 2022
Ayrshire, Scotland
Done - hopefully, one of our dentists here like @Gordon or @Jodie Nelson will spot this and answer 🙂
Thanks for bringing this to my attention @letsconnect
@MarkGeordie88 it is normal to feel anxious prior to a medical intervention such as this. You are not alone in having worries that may seem extreme. Just to reassure you though that they are not ever likely to happen. When I do extractions for patients with a small mouth I warn them that they may feel the stretch as our lips are incredibly accommodating. I also pop some vaseline on if their lips are dry to avoid previously chapped skin from becoming irritated. That is as far as it goes. You, however, will not be aware of any of this as you will be sedated... Maybe just pop some vaseline on yourself if you are prone to dry lips but the most would be exacerbated chapping.
You may have heard of fractured jaws upon extraction but these are what are known as pathological fractures. The patients in these cases have an underlying condition or issue with their bone such as an extensive cyst that wasn't known beforehand and which has weakened the jaw significantly. For routine extractions this is not a concern. Even for full clearances such as with yourself. Please be reassured that teams that treat under GA will be very experienced in cases such as yours and will take good care of you. It is reasonable to expect to be a little uncomfortable post surgery but please know that issues such as the ones you say you're worried about are not at all likely.
All the best for your treatment