Extractions with IV sedation success



Sep 11, 2021
I had my extractions today my 1st time ever with any Sedation. Much less "conscious sedation" - that word "conscious" made me so paranoid. Like how can I hear you & expect and not hear anything else.

I googled and YouTubed anything I could find. Found this site and it was so so helpful. Talked to everyone I could literally it consumed my life with fear I was a completely different person.

I haven't truly slept in months or been myself since at least May when this nightmare started.

Like I literally bawled all day yesterday even in the phone to the confirmation scheduler. Saying I don’t want do this, keep my $ all of it. Complete insanity. 🤯😳

I promise you if I can do it. You can. I threatened to like everyone in my family so many times to cancel. I had nightmares about it. I thought and spun my head mentally in circles 24/7.

I saw both vials go in my IV never saw the room spin or saw any ring didn’t notice a vision change. No tingling. Never felt or heard anyone say we are done or shake me awake. Nothing.

Heck, I even walked out after. Didn’t need a wheelchair. Stayed awake till 2pm (my procedure was @8am) 1st of the day.

Then got tired and passed out until 7:15 pm.

I feel decent so far a bit sore but overall good.

I promise you got this!🙂


Junior member
Sep 3, 2021
Am so glad it went well for you. Well done:)