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Extreme anxiety about upcoming dental visit



Junior member
Dec 21, 2021
Hi all

All my life I’ve had reasonably good teeth. A couple of fillings here and there but nothing too serious.

A few years back whilst at university I definitely neglected my teeth and as a result, I had a pretty large cavity on one of my back molars. Being the irresponsible young adult, I ignored it until the pain was unbearable. I went to the dentist who I believe put in a temporary dressing - he said a root canal wasn’t necessary at the time.

Fast forward a few years later, the temporary dressing had fallen out once or twice and I had gone back to the dentist to have it repaired but again the dentist held off on completing the procedure.

Just before COVID hit, I went back to the dentist again. He referred me to an endodontist but due to the pandemic, I never heard back. I had no issues with the tooth other than some sensitivity, so it wasn’t a priority for me so I never followed up.

A few months ago I started having flare ups with the tooth. Periods of intense pain which have increased in frequency over time. I finally plucked up the courage this morning to ring the dentist to book a check up.

I was triaged and she said to come in for a review and we can take it from there. She said it’s likely to have deteriorated quite significantly which could result in extraction. I am absolutely petrified of this - of both the pain and the inevitable cost with an implant (I’m only 25 and don’t want a gaping hole in my mouth).

It’s really frustrating as on the whole I take really good care of my teeth but this is the one issue they never seems to be resolved. I am anxious about the appointment in a few days time as I’m worried about the embarrassment too.

Please could someone provide some reassurance - I would really appreciate it!
Hi there, so sorry to hear that you were let down by a dentist who didn't complete the procedure and then COVID getting in the way ?.

If you are happy to let you know whereabouts you are in the UK, maybe we can recommend a good (and painless) dentist near you :grouphug: