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Extreme dental phobia and Xanax. My success story!


Just a man

Junior member
Mar 19, 2023
Lima, Peru
Hello everyone! I'm really happy with what happened today. I needed 2 urgent extractions. One was a decayed wisdom tooth and another one was a regular tooth.

I usually have extreme phobia, to the point where just sitting at the dentist gives me a full blown panic attack with shaking and I would usually get home crying, not able to get even a cleaning or regular filling done.

I had been doing research on Xanax for dental anxiety but I wasnt sure it would work.

It did!

I took a small dose of Xanax 0.25 mg last night and 1.5mg around 1 hour before the extraction.

My experience was pretty chill... No shaking, no fear, extraction went smooth and I'm feeling like I missed out on this my whole life.

Don't be afraid about bringing it up to your doctor, or your dentist. It could change and save your life. For the first time I can say I left the dental office feeling happy and relaxed. One of the best days of my life
Well done!

Enjoy, my friend.
This give me hope! So happy for you and thanks for the info!!
I have some left over xanax and i took mine 15 min before my appt yesterday and it helped a lot! Also the OTC supplement GABA works even better. You can get it at whole foods.