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EXTREME Dental Phobia



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Mar 17, 2022
Good day,
I have extreme dental phobia, and I am talking extreme. I cannot even enter the doors of a dental office! I was a teen and locked up in a juvenile facility and had an infected operclum? Was given antibiotics and taken to the dentist, while in handcuffs and shackles in the dental chair that dentist was EVIL! A complete demon purposely hurting me and making comments while stitching my operclum back into place.

After that as a young adult I suffered with alcohol addiction and was homeless for a period of about 2 years didn’t take care of my teeth

I am now 36 years old with 4 kids and have turned my life around, I cannot even take my kids to the dentist my phobia is that bad, this is something my wife has to do.

I recently about 6 months ago suffered what I believed to be a tooth infection in my front tooth, fever, night sweats general malaise I got amoxicillin and the infection subsided 7 days later.

Ever since that infection I now brush my teeth at least 4 times a day or 1 hour after I eat or drink anything other than water. I use prevident (available over the counter here in Canada) 1.1% fluoride once when waking and again before going to bed. I no longer floss as I am scared of an infection, terrified!!!

My question is, will I die of a tooth infection? I.e sepsis If I obtain one in the future? Only asking as I have a filling from when I was 8 that is starting to weaken. I have one upper wisdom tooth that broke about 3 years ago and skin grew over it never had a problem since, same with a bottom molar (tooth 18) it broke and had pain for about a week skin grew over and it’s been fine ever since. Sorry for the long rant but very on edge lately and need to put my mind at ease. PLEASE HELP!


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@Gordon thank you for putting my kind at ease, it is a big sigh of relief. Is it only those who are immunocompromised?

Would amoxicillin take care of an infection that caused facial swelling or is that an ER visit due to cellulitis?

Thanks again, although it seems like you’ve heard this question a million times, it really helps people get back to living life and staying OFF of google.
Severely immunocompromised may be more at risk, but the bugs that cause dental issues are fragile wee things and generally get wiped out easily by a course of good old fashioned Penicillin, probably no need to go as wide spectrum as amoxyl, but it's easy to get hold of. If Penicillin doesn't deal with it then something that attacks the other common bug in dental abscesses like Metronidazole will work.