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Extreme Fear



Junior member
Jul 29, 2021
Hi, I’m new here

I finally went to the dentist today after a few years of avoidance, and the experience was ok (not the best, not the worst) but I’ve got an appointment with the hygienist tomorrow morning.

I was hoping for some tips on how to cope, what to expect?

my background: as a child, I was forcibly held within a dentist office until I brushed my teeth to the dentist’s satisfaction. The dentist made me look at the blood and told me it was my fault because I didn’t know how to brush, and she was going to make me learn. Bloody and crying, I asked for my mom who was in the waiting room and was told I wasn’t allowed to get her/leave until the dentist said so. When my mom was finally brought in, the dentist became a different person, all cheery and sympathetic to my tears. The dentist told my mother that I had bled a small bit and gotten sick over it, and that’s why I was crying. I only told my parents of this years later and by that time, the dentist had been sacked for doing something similar to another child.
Dear Anxiousanne,

clearly you have been traumatized by an abusive dentist. I think that what you need is time and persistence.
I invite you to check my website treatyourdentalfear.com where you can find some videos which might be helpful.
Hi AnxiousAnne:welcome:,

what an awful experience in the past. You are very brave to finally managed to go again. I can see how the thought of a cleaning makes you think back to those experiences and worry it may be similarly horrible. With that being said, it definitely won‘t be like that. Additionally to Dr.Daniels advice on dental fear and to the articles we have here, you can read about a dental cleaning in this article. It will help you to imagine how such an appointment looks like.

Do you like your new dental team? It may be a great idea to let the hygienist know about your past experiences.

I was also wondering how your parents reacted as you told them what happened?

All the best wishes