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Extreme pain DURING molar extraction?



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Feb 24, 2011
Hi, i went to the dentist yesterday for 3 fillings and an upper molar extraction. I've been to the dentist lots of times before and it's never bothered me so i wasn't nervous about this visit.

Anyway, the injections were uncomfortable and not very pleasant but after that i thought it would be plain sailing. I received 4 anesthetic injections, (one for every job i'd presume) and my left side of my face felt completely numb, my right side however, didn't.

The 3 fillings (2 of which were on the left side of my mouth, one was on my front tooth) were completely fine and i didn't feel a thing. However, next up was my molar extraction, which was on the upper right side of my mouth. "You will feel pressure" said the dentist. Well that must be a dentist term for extreme pain as i've never felt anything like it. I was hoping the dentist would notice me sweating profusely and wriggling about in agony and maybe stop and ask me if i was in pain (if she hadn't noticed already).

Thankfully, the extraction didn't last too long, and i was glad to get out of there. I've had extractions before i don't remember them being anything like that (i'd remember if they was). Unfortunately though i feel this horrific experience may leave me very anxious of visiting the dentist in the future.

Has anyone else experienced such pain during an extraction? Is it common? I've been reading up on it and lots of people say you should expect to feel pressure but no pain?! Maybe i wasn't given enough anesthetic or maybe it wasn't administered correctly?
Sounds like your dentist was negligent. If you were protesting and signalled to stop and she carried on, that is assult.

Extracting teeth is never plesant, something I am phobic about. There is pressure, a bit of twisting and wiggling about and maybe some snapping and popping - but none of it should be painful.

You obviously did not receive enough LA, nor did the dentist notice it.

I would complain to the dentist about your trumatic experance.
Sounds like your dentist was negligent. If you were protesting and signalled to stop and she carried on, that is assult.

Extracting teeth is never plesant, something I am phobic about. There is pressure, a bit of twisting and wiggling about and maybe some snapping and popping - but none of it should be painful.

You obviously did not receive enough LA, nor did the dentist notice it.

I would complain to the dentist about your trumatic experance.

I agree with every word.
Pain is a subjective feeling. If the patient says it is painful, than it is painful.
I had slight pain when the dentist went to extract 2 of my molars (I had 22 teeth pulled in all). When I felt the pain, I made a noise (I don't know how do describe it - Kind of like an open-mouthed "OW!"), and he stopped and numbed me more. No dentist should ever keep going when you are in pain. They have numbing medications for a reason.

I have experienced severe pain with a negligent dentist before - It was during a filling. He said that just a bit of my tooth needed to be drilled, and gave me some topical anesthetic. When he realized that the cavity was deeper than he had thought, he told me about it, and just kept going. That was a horrible experience for me, and I have never gone back to him again (nor have any of my family members or friends).
It sounds almost as if the right side was overlooked and wasn't numbed at all:mad:. Especially as you say the right side didn't feel numb at all. Usually I think 2 injectons are used for extractions..again because it needs to be number than for a filling.

According to Gordon it is a basic part of dental training that you keep checking a patient is numb during an extraction and not carry on regardless. I am so sorry this happened to you...do you reckon you could have stopped her and asked for more LA if you had raised your hand as a stop signal? What would you have done if you had felt pain during the drilling? (Sometimes people put up with it if it is just a bit annoying rather than extremely painful)

I think you should change your dentist and agree stop signals in future...and ask them to check with the explorer first i.e. if nothing feels sharp you are likely numb enough.
Obviously dentists are not mind readers but someone in a lot of pain during an extraction is likely not giving off relaxed body signals...it's part of the dental assistant's job to ensure the patient is comfortable too - how bad are they then in general..too scared to interrupt their boss 'the dentist' maybe?

Imagine you could have been a child she's treating like this with no attention paid to whether the patient is indeed sufficiently numb. It's so unnecessary - and should belong to the dim and distant past not the 21st Century.
:grouphug: Have a few of these :sleepyjuice: I'm sure you need them.

Don't let this put you off - it is not the norm and shouldn't have happened - but do change to a competent caring dentist and explain what happened so they can take extra extra care to protect you in future.

You should probably also write a letter of complaint to the practice as she may be unaware she has this problem and may need encouragement to brush up on her local anaesthetic technique and treatment protocols for checking numbing.
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Hi sf15, Iv'e had a similar experience during a filling. I indicated that i was in pain with probably the same sound that you made RMP323 and raised my hand but the 'butcher' didn't stop, so I grabbed his hand. He got really upset and told me not to grab his hand. I apologised and tried to explain that it's very normal to try to stop the source of pain. His attitude was awlful and I came away feeling that I had assulted him.

The stupid thing about it is that when I had the first injection I was sent to the waiting room to let it take effect. Getting up from the dental chair I felt dizzy but was still directed to the waitng room. Normally I feel the injection spreading across my face and the numbing feeling but nothing happened. I told him this when I went back in to see him, so he gave me another injection and was sent back to the waiting room again. Again no effect, it was as if he hadn't given me any injecton at all. I went back in to the dentist and again told him that I didn't think the injection had worked.

He looked anoyed and told me that sometimes this happens and began to drill. What would you do in a situaton like this? Maybe I should have given him a slap. He certainly deserved it, but then that would have been assault and I'm a gentle caring person by nature and generally feel guity for treading on an ant!

I still feel guilty about the situation but now know that it is the dentists responsiblity to ensure your comfortable. If you indicate your not then it is up to them to do something about it. In my case he didn't want to treat me any more. The reason being apparantly that he no longer felt comfortable treating me. :( My comfort was low down on his list of priorities. Sometimes you just don't know you have a dentist like this until they are tested.

i have recently explained my worry to a new dentist who tells me that the local aneasthetic not workng is not uncommon and that they can use different types of local aneasthetic and techniques, but even then it doesn't always work. I wanted this new dentist to know before I came in in pain and ask him if he would indeed STOP if I was in discomfort. He was OK about it and said he would stop if I wasn't comfortable. I've only let him look in my mouth so far.

They should stop if you indicate your not comfortable. Take care.:grouphug:
I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled today. Thank god it was only one. I was not prepared to have it done,but I knew it would be better to do it today than have the pain continue. I had continuous pain everyday with this tooth before the procedure and it felt like hell. The dentist stated the same thing to me about only feeling pressure and not pain. He made sure I was numb in the area. It felt like any other time numbing so I didn't forsee anything. But when he started pulling it definitely was not pressure. It was a sharp pain exactly what my lingering tooth pain felt like. I told him to stop.
20 mins later
The 3rd time he numbed me he was getting frustrated and could not figure out why I kept feeling pain. I was very upset and angry by the time the third attempt was done because he continued to pull. I was kicking on the chair and moving away. It was a horrible pain. I sat up looked at him and point blank said I was done. Sat up and starting walking to the front bawling. I was in shock at that point and immediately called my significant other. I told him this guy does not know what he is doing I feel everything and he is getting mad because he thinks I'm lying!
I just had my root canal retreatment about a month before. This was on tooth 14. He said the same thing that it would only be able to feel pressure. This endodonist had to pull whatever the old root canal out and he definitely pulled because I felt the pain that night and couldn't sleep!! Never during that procedure.
They pulled me aside in a room and I sat down I was bawling and shaking to where I almost got sick. Everyone was staring at me while I was in a state of shock. They didn't want me to walk out with it partially extracted which was fine. The dentist came in and I explained that i new the difference comparing my root canal treatment pressure to this pain.
They had already given me a lot of numbing stuff.
He put more in along with blockers. When he stuck the shot in Icould feel it and it was the same pain iI had felt the whole procedure. I sat there for 20 mins where he recommended Itake a nap and shut off the lights to calm me down. I was not going to take a nap because I was still in shock. I told him once he started it hurt still but he finally pulled it to where it was hanging on the gum.
I am so mad and upset he continued. When I was talking to my significant other before we had restarted I overheard him saying he had been doing this for 36yrs and never had this happen. It doesn't matter if it was a first or not I should not have to feel anything and you should not continue if I do. I understand that I'm one in a million but honestly that was the most horrible thing I had ever went through.