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Extreme pain following impacted lower wisdom tooth extraction



Feb 6, 2018
British Columbia, Canada
I had my lower right impacted wisdom tooth extracted 10 days ago and am in agony. All of my teeth, both upper and lower, on that side, feel like they need root canals. The nerve pain is unbearable.

My dentist has applied the medicated dressing (again), but it is not working well this time. I was told I may just have to deal with it while it heals. I have a follow up appointment booked with the oral surgeon on Friday to hopefully get some answers.

My top molar, that just recently had two root canals and has a temporary crown on it, also aches! None of this started until after the extraction.

I am so worried that the surgery damaged the nerve or something. I know the surgeon had to cut out some bone and it was a fully formed adult tooth with big roots.

I am so terrified that the pain will never end and it is consuming my life! HELP PLEASE ANYONE :cry:

just seeing this.. so sorry it all seems definately a bit scary.. Tomorrow is your appt... I hope it goes well and somehow they can put you to ease and more peace and help your pain. So sorry you are going through all this!!
Ugh this truly sucks Lacey, I’m on day 10 too with dry socket pain on my left side. It’s not nearly as bad as what yours sounds like so maybe it’s healing up but I sympathize with you fully. Has your surgeon prescribed you any pain meds that might help?

Let us know how the appointment goes with the OS