Extreme sensitivity to sweets. Root canal?



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Oct 5, 2016
Hello, everyone. I have an incredibly intense fear of the dentist and I have my first appointment scheduled for this coming Tuesday after many years of missed appointments.

One of the reasons why I am going is because I have extreme sensitivity to sweets on one side of my mouth. The pain does linger for about 30 seconds or so before it goes away and it is very painful. I do not, however, have any sensitivity to hot or cold, and it is not painful at any other time. (Though I should mention that sometimes I get this pain from eating acidic foods.) Has anyone ever had this experience? Do you know what might cause a sensitivity to sweets but not to cold?

Also, do you think this could require root canal treatment? If so, how painful is the experience if there is no prior toothache? I have done extensive research online and I read so many conflicting accounts...some say that it is completely painless, and some say that it is the worst paint they have ever experienced. Can anyone give me a true and honest account?

Thank you so much for listening and for any advice/reassurance that you might give.

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Nov 18, 2014
In my experience, root canals are very routine, and not really a problem. They have a very scary folklore attached to them from old dentistry but things have advanced so much that they aren't a big deal. If it comes to that, make sure they numb you well ( tell them you are petrified it will be painful, you need as much freezing as they can give you). You shouldn't feel anything. They will cap it. The whole thing takes maybe an hour including time spent sitting with the freezing.I usually take music with me to listen to and you can also ask for nitrus oxide ( gas) that calms you down.