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Extreme worry from fillings, cracked teeth, root canal, etc., lost trust in dentists



Junior member
Apr 17, 2024
new york city
I'm not too sure where to start or go about this, just really been getting horrible dental phobia that's taking a huge toll on me and I need to let it all out.

I have one root canal done 10 years ago, cavity fillings from younger, and 6 years ago, I bit down super hard on this fruit pit that made me think I cracked my tooth. At that time, visited over 6 different dentists and no one could find anything but the sensitivity/pain when biting down was still there. My biggest fear was the need to get more procedures done/more root canals. This may sound really stupid, but I'm horrified of root canals, extractions, and getting more work done on my teeth as I feel like it worsens the condition of my teeth overall and lead to other health issues.

The other thing is I've felt like ever since moving to NYC, I've been scammed by dentists telling me that I have to get work done, I need fillings, I need crowns, etc. and charging egregious amounts. Recently, I've gotten 3 fillings after just moving to this city and visited a new dentist after just 3 months of seeing my home dentist who said my teeth were fine - and this new dentist took some xrays and said there were 3 cavities that needed work done. I freaked out and just had them filled without thinking, but then can cavities really form that fast in just 3 months? to need work done? Then she proceeds to charge me $500 out of pocket even with insruance when in the past I've never been charged for fillings. The teeth that got fillings have felt sensitive for almost 2 weeks now and it's on and off, and I'm so scared that the new dentist did something horrible by drilling in too deep or cracked my tooth in the meantime mid filling so I went in twice to get the fillings checked on, in which she "polished" them down (along with neighboring teeth!!!) without even warning me. I'm worried that the sensitivity in these filling and neighboring teeth are due to the fact that she screwed up and just kept probing at it more when I didn't even have an issue in the first place. She then told me if it doesn't get better to redo the filling, in which I absolutely will not go back to her, it just feels like she's just trying to ruin my teeth for money.

I'm also only in my 20s, aside from the fillings and root canal, I have great straight teeth and I'm worried that my teeth are just f*cked now from all this dental work that's going to stab me in the back later since I'm still so young. I only eat clean foods with no sugar too, so I don't know how this could all happen and it's stressing me out to the point where it's really affecting my mental health. Years ago, I was horrified about that fact that I had a root canal done since SO many people (and I think there was a documentary about it?) told me that root canals are super unhealthy for you, they were going to fail at some point, and they cause cancer.

Since teeth are linked so closely to the brain and rest of the body and could do horrible things if issues are left untreated (and are so expensive to get procedures done on), I'm so scared from all the fillings and potential cracks and everything piling up and screwing my health over in the future.

Sorry for the long rant, I don't know where I'm going with this but if anyone has anything to help with the worry, I'd appreciate it 1000%.
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