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extremely annoyed



Apr 23, 2007
I finally plucked up the courage to go to the dentist last week.
I had two fillings which seem fine, but the other one which is my wisdom tooth he couldnt do there and then so he put in a temporary filling and told me to come back after my honeymoon.

Now i have developed very bad pain in that wisdom tooth. Im really not happy as it wasnt causing me problems before. I get married in a week and dont want anything to ruin my big day, why did this have to happen?

Is it likely to be an infection or absess? It is aching real bad and it hurts like mad if i put any pressure on it. And if so what will be done about it and how quick will the treatment work?

Can i sue the dentist for doing this? Cause annoyed really doesnt sum this up.
You are now his patient so you have the right to be seen as an emergency..it is an emergency, you are in pain and it is pain arguably brought on by treatment he has recently carried out. Sensible dentists keep slots especially on Mondays in which to see emergency patients. Others will go so far as to rearrange other non-urgent stuff to fit an emergency in...or he can simply see you in his lunch hour or afterhours...he does now have a duty of continuing care to you.
Get back there asap to discuss your options - he has surely got to agree that you don't want your wedding and honeymoon ruined by toothache.
The key thing here is not to get fobbed off by a receptionist..so I suggest going in in person if necessary.

He has not done anything wrong though i.m.v. but you have a right to have it sorted especially if you shared the wedding/honeymoon deadline upfront which I believe you did.
Depending where you are....there will always be someone competent willing to sort you out quickly. So whatever you do - don't let it ruin your wedding for financial reasons, it would be false economy. :grouphug:
i wont let it ruin my wedding, well ill do my best not to

But what is the treatment for an absess? And what can be done in a week?
I'm not a dentist but I know someone with an absess and raging toothache who was out of pain within one visit..they subsequently had a root canal on the same tooth scheduled for a few weeks later....so you could maybe do sth similar or it may just need the filling to be completed.
It's weekend, phone your dentist's emergency number and/or at least get an anguished message on the answerphone so you get first priority on Monday morning.
If it's really bad don't suffer because the sooner it is dealt with the less bother it will be - go to an emergency dentist..if you suspect an infection you could also take antibiotics in the meantime.
Sometimes dentists give special contact numbers for use for complications after recent treatment but see what the practice answerphone says at the moment.....or get someone else to do it for you.
Aw sorry to hear that. If it's infected, you can get a prescription from the dentist for antibiotics. My son had raging toothache from an infection and within hours of taking the first antibiotic, the pain subsided and in a day or two he felt no pain at all - and it was a few weeks after that the dentist dealt with the tooth but the antibiotics will deal with the pain before your big day, if it is infected.

If you can't get in to see your dentist, ring NHS direct as my son was prescribed the antibiotics by an emergency dentist. And we had to find a dentist open Sunday morning but NHS direct was great!