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extremely bad gag reflex/anxiety



Junior member
Feb 23, 2014
I havent been to the dentist for a good 10 years, and it clear i need to go, sweet stuff xan be extremely painful to eat and ive had chips in teeth etc.

My problem is i cant have someone poking in my mouth, even the thought is almost enoigh to make me gag! Its a problem i have in general life so i carry mints and a drink eith me wherever i go.

Im going to need putting to sleep i think but dont know where to start, do i go to any dentist and get referred? Its a very weird anxiety i get and to be honest ruins my life a bit, but i have ajusted to it.

What is the cost of being put to sleep? And what process must i takr to grt this dental work done?

Many thanks to anyone who can help!
FWIW obviously your experience may differ - I've got an absolutely horrible gag reflex, years ago I had a dentist shout profanities at me and say I was stopping him from doing his job as I couldn't stop gagging when he was working on one of my molars.

I don't know exactly about pricing for where you live but think there are dentists that do offer conscious sedation (I had it for implants and it was great). Recently had to get impressions made for a partial denture and the paste set me off again, was really dreading it and though I'd never be able to finish and have them do their job.

This new dental assistant was really friendly and helpful though and gave me some tips that really helped enormously. Slowly breathing just through your nose helps a lot and for some strange reason keeping one foot in the air at all times made it go away almost completely (just switch foot when you get tired).

Good luck, you'll do great!

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