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Jan 27, 2013
This is urgent. Please help me if you read this. Anyone.

i have an infected tooth that has caused a hard swollen gland on back of neck, and swollen tonsils. It has been this way for about one month now. I have an appointment to get it out on march 5th. I'm not currently on antibiotics but a month ago I took a zpack/antibiotics for one week. The symptoms didnt go away. Anyways, my question is can this cause a brain infection or death before my appointment? I am scared beyond words. I completely terrified. Should I rush to the emergency room? Am I in immediate danger? Or is it really okay to wait 9 more days? This is serious PLEASE HELP ME
For your own peace of mind ..go to the emergency room...They will check out the lump and prescribe antibiotics(different from what you took since they didnt work) Then you should be fine until your dentist appoinment on March 5th..I know how you feel...After my last oral surgeon appoinment and a dentist visit Friday my blood pressure spiked sky high(170/108)accompanied by a sever headache... I went to the emergency room and they performed all kinds of tests..I have sinusitis and seem to be suffering from severe anxiety...So also ask for a blood test and have them look at your white blood count ..that will tell them if you have any infection in your body...Then go home and relax..You will be fine....
Thanks for your help. I'm going to probably try to wait until tomorrow morning and go to my general dentist to ask for some antibiotics. I am just so terrified that I will die from this. I've heard of stories of people dying from infected teeth and i'm so scared. There is no pain so i'm hoping if it were too bad there would at least be pain? Also I went to a pre surgery appointment on January 31st and they didn't say anything about any infection, would they have noticed an infection on the X-ray? Or was there a possibility the infection wasn't there yet, even though I developed the symptoms the very next day... Would the infection show up on the X-ray the day before symptoms?
I'm pretty sure an infection would show up on an xray..And infections just don't pop up overnight..Plus you have been on a zpak recently which would have helped even if it didnt go away entirely...You will be fine today until you can see you dentist tomorrow...Rinse you mouth out with salt water several times a day..That will help too until tomorrow....
Okay. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it
Hi, just chiming in here...................
If, at any time, you begin to feel a worsening of your current symptoms or if new symptoms develop, DON'T try to handle this yourself and go to the emergency room.
It's always better to be safe than sorry.
Hope you feel better soon, :flowers:
Many :hug4:'s!!!
Good news, I told my parents about how worried I am and they gave me money to go to a dentist tomorrow to get some antibiotics. I'll feel a lot more at ease knowing the infection is being taken care of. Just gotta wait til tomorrow.