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Face and mouth swollen and pain in tooth after root canal/ crown prep



Junior member
Jun 12, 2011
I had root canal on Friday morning and my mouth began to swell as soon as the anesthetic wore off. The tooth is the bottom third from the front. The tooth was removed to the gum for a crown.

The tooth had a big filling in it and a bit came away about 6 weeks ago. I saw the Dentist a week later and had it repaired and was told I should get it crowned. Then about 10 days later it started to give me a bit of pain and my mouth was slightly swollen so I went back to the dentist and was given 5 days worth of antibiotics and told I needed a root canal before the crown. I went abroad 2 days later and spent 10 days of the 2 weeks taking painkillers and antibiotics as the tooth was throbing and my gum swollen. It settled down and was almost back to normal when I had the root canal.

I was is so much pain yesterday and the swelling was getting worse. I had some of the amoxycillin antibiotics(bought them abroad) left so I started taking them yesterday along with co codamol and ibuprofen. Today there is a soft lump on my gum almost at the top where the tooth is, the size of a pea, and my face is noticeably swollen.

The Dentist said it would be uncomfortable but this is awful. Will I need to have the root canal done again? God I hope not.
It might be that the root canal isn't finished yet, sometimes we do an inbetween stage before finally finishing it. Otherwise then it does sound like it will need to be redone. Sorry.
Hi Gordon,

Thanks for the reply. The lump burst last night and it had green stuff then blood came out of it.

I went to the dentist this morning and got Flagyl. The swelling has gone down a little bit, they said I should feel a lot better in about 48 hours.

Got grief from my work for being off today, you would think I did it on purpose!
I am wondering if a dentist can use old x rays(3 years ago) before the root canal, I never had any taken last week. Also there is no further root canal stuff planned, just the crown attachment in July. There is no temp filling either but the tooth was removed above the gum so maybe it isnt possible. I am getting myself in a state reading about it. Also I am sure there was infection still there(swollen gum) when the root canal was done.