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Facial athromyalgia



Jun 7, 2021
Hi again ? so I’ve been diagnosed with facial athromyalgia by 2 maxillofacial specialists. The one said I will eventually need surgery in the right jaw joint. Is it normal to have tooth pain with this condition? The pains move from different teeth , they are like a zapping pain which comes and then goes, sometimes the front top teeth, and sometimes the upper left side, other times my molars ? I’m seeing a physiotherapist who has been dry needling the area on the right side, and also manipulating the muscles from inside my mouth which is incredibly painful. I’ve not yet had an MRI. Does anyone else have any experience with this? I was told that it is basically the same as TMJ disorder? I’m wanting to get an implant in my bottom right side, would this condition make it impossible to have an implant? I’m still without the ability to chew anything on the right side because of the missing premolar which I had extracted as it never settled after a replacement white filling was done. Any advice would be hugely appreciated. Thank you so much. ???
It can cause all sorts of weird pains and aches, so yes.

Implants aren't totally out the question, you'd need to balance out the risk of the condition flaring up due to the extended mouth opening needed for the surgery, versus the benefit to chewing properly.

The good news is that like TMJ this condition can come and go virtually at random, so it's not a life sentence.
Hello Gordon ☺️ Thank you very much for your response. It is a very strange condition, the pains are very random and have no particular triggers. But the tooth pain is what really gets me down. I’m hoping that with regular physio and heat treatments I can manage the symptoms. I had never even heard of this condition until a few weeks ago ?. Is athromyalgia basically the same as TMJ syndrome? The specialist said I have crepitus also on the right side of my jaw and may need surgery at a later date ? he said he wouldn’t discharge me as he felt he would be seeing me again. So I’m hoping to pay for a private MRI to see what is going on so I have some idea of whether or not surgical intervention is actually required on that side. This has come on after 2 extractions and a dry socket, and I can’t help but feel it’s related ? thank you Gordon. I really am very appreciative for your reply and your expertise. Kelly ☺️
Basically yes, it's a more accurate description, TMJ syndrome is a sort of catch all term, if you see what I mean?
An MRI isn't necessarily going to help much, sorry.
Hi Gordon ☺️ Many thanks for your reply. I wasn’t sure if the two conditions were the same thing, but thank you very much for explaining that to me. I understand what you mean about the MRI, I think I’m so desperate to understand what has happened to my face that I’m looking for any answers to help me clarify things, ? again many thanks for your expertise and for taking the time to respond. Thank you Gordon. Take care and kindest regards. Kelly ☺️☺️☺️