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Facial Swelling



Junior member
Aug 26, 2008
Yesterday I had an upper left wisdom tooth extraction (simple) and a filling on second molar next to it. Injection was extremely painful, and seemed to be alot of it. I noticed almost immediate swelling in my left cheek which is still noticeable today. I dont recall having anything like that inthe past. Not only is the swelling still present, but I have a fair amount of pain around the injection sites as well as a bruised feel to my cheek.

Wisdom teeth extractions generally cause swelling from what I have seen and heard.
This was not a difficult extraction, just a simple one. Also, I mentioned that the swelling began right after anesthetic injection......before the tooth was pulled.
It doesn't matter much how easily a wisdom tooth extraction goes, the capacity for swelling is still there.

And not that I don't trust you, but how can you be sure the swelling started before the tooth was extracted?
Probably the dentist nicked a small blood vessel when the local went in. It's a rare but not unusual complication of getting local anaesthetic. The swelling will go down quite quickly but it might help if you apply an ice pack or heat pack to the affected area.