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Facial twitching Day 7 Two Molar Extractions

Since Sunday night I’ve noticed a slight burning when drinking anything like ginger ale or orange juice. Even if I sort of blow on the area I get a stinging. I took a picture and noticed I have several bumps6B7856E1-A558-4F03-A6DC-55EAFFF39FE2.jpeg where it stings. Are those foliate papillae? If so, why would they get irritated?F6C8FB13-8B6B-4A0F-9C11-A0CC622B72BB.jpeg


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Looks like it. In your specific case, I've no idea why they got irritated, there are loads of reasons in general but hard to be specific here :)
Thanks. Is it common to have irritation there? I still have some burning in the area.
It's not unusual.

Hands up everyone who has the Tom Jones song in their head now!