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Facing dentures in my thirties.. tooth extraction soon.



Jan 15, 2022
I’m scared about how I’m going to eat.
My right side lower has no molars after an impacted wisdom tooth did brutal damage to them so I eat on my left side which only has 1 molar left. Same happened there where wisdom tooth damaged molar in front.

Fast forward to yesterday and I’ve had my last wisdom tooth removed.. upper left but my remaining lower left molar that I eat on is cracked and is being extracted on 28th.

I’m going to need a denture aren’t I? I can’t afford an implant and I know my body would likely reject it anyway.
The thought of false teeth is freaking me out to the point of thinking I’m just gonna live on soup forever.

Eager to get this tooth out. It’s infected and painful. 28th feels so far away.
No, you don't actually need dentures, most people can cope fine just chewing with their premolars instead.
Having said that most people with partial dentures do very well with them... they're much easier to wear and tolerate than full dentures.
Thanks Gordon.
The pain has put me past caring whether I can eat or not. I just want this to stop. Despite my antibiotics, tramadol, ibuprofen, amitriptyline and morphine, my face is throbbing so bad.

Wisdom tooth removed top left Friday and bottom left cracked and infected. Bottom pain makes the top feel like a tickle.