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Failed extraction.

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Feb 16, 2023
Well it's been a journey. So far I have had the initial exam, 3 deep gum cleaning appointments, 2 extractions side by side (wisdom and molar) and today I went in for my other wisdom tooth. I get epinephrine free novacaine due to meds I'm on which eliminated the fear of heart pounding out of my chest due to the epinephrine... Well after an hour, 4 injections and nearly passing out from the pain I asked to stop. I couldn't continue. It hurts like heck and I go back in 2 weeks to try again. Maybe I'll drop the meds and get the epinephrine. Today was horrible. I cried to my dentist, cried to my fiance and then cried myself to sleep at home. I was in panic mode about this appointment since yesterday. Couldn't eat or sleep! Maybe I should have listened to how intense this anxiety was for this appointment obviously it meant something huh? Right now I have like a third of a wisdom tooth and some tiny bits and pieces way up in my gums. Next appointment I'm forcing myself to sleep and I'm forcing myself to eat. What the heck do you do when you force yourself to go and you get through it but there's NO getting through it because it just don't work!? My last 2 extractions were done by the male dentist. I was told he was stronger. I had MY dentist today which is a small female and nothing against girl power but when he came in today and asked for 2 minutes to try and get the rest out (I couldn't!) I asked if he could be the one trying the next time. He certainly hurt my jaw the last time but they weren't kidding.. the dude is STRONG. Anyways. Today was horrible. Still hate the dentist. Still have anxiety. Now I'm in pain and have to do the entire thing over again.
@DentalFearsAmber I am so sorry things did not work out for you. I can imagine having to go back and deal with all the anticipatory anxiety all over again. I've been doing a lot of reading lately on the effect of stress and anxiety on pain. I had more pain than usual at my extractions two months ago as well. I had two lower molars next to each other removed. Usually I feel nothing during an extraction with this oral surgeon. This time I had to speak up and he gave me more anesthetic. Then I felt more pain a few minutes later and indicated it. My oral surgeon said we were almost done and encouraged me that I could make it without more. It was a minute or two later and we were done, and he was right that it wasn't intolerable. I did have more anxiety about this one, though, and I wonder if that affected it. I'll be thinking of you as you approach your next appointment.
@Anne2021 thank you for your reply and sharing your experience. I think the next appointment will be successful. It really sucks that I'm in pain as if I got an extraction and will have to do it again here shortly. We go to the beach soon and so I'm keeping that in mind as my reward !
Id just ask for the male dentist again tbh, if he did it successfully before and you didn't feel pain then I would trust him, and his skills at anesthesia placement.

I've had a few dentists who just didn't get me numb and it's anxiety inducing to say the least. There's nothing wrong in letting off some emotion by crying ❤️, it's completely understandable.

Speak to your practice re seeing him again and maybe ask if he can look over your case/issue beforehand - ask him if he anticipates any problems (and how he may resolve them). Just see if a discussion before your actual appointment can eliminate any fears you have, so that you aren't in limbo/worry until your appointment x