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Failed root canal...



Nov 14, 2010

A month ago a small swelling around in the gum a tooth which had RCT a couple of years ago. It has been painless, and goes a bit up and down.

Today I had my dental appointment and explained the circumstances to the dentist. He prodded and tapped the teeth and asked if I had pain. I said no. He then took an x-ray to determine whether it was a general infection or the result of a failed root canal.

After checking the x-rays he said it was likely because of failed RCT and said I had three options: 1) a re-root canal, 2) extraction, 3) leave it and wait and see. He also said there was little point in anti-biotics for it. He suggested if it was not bothering me, then it'd be okay to leave it be for now.

I was wondering if this sort of diagnosis is familiar to anyone? If anybody has been in a similar boat? I was thinking to leave it for a few months, save up some money, and then go for a re-RCT. I guess it just feels a bit counter-intuitive to live with an infection rather than treat it straight away.

Any feedback is much welcome! :)
If it is a failed root canal and you are having signs of infection (swelling in the gum tissue that comes and goes) then I would definitely recommend having the root canal retreated as soon as you're able to. I agree that leaving an infection long term isn't a good idea. They always "blow up" eventually. It is mostly of a matter of when and we don't ever know the answer to that question. Waiting a couple of months while you save up money shouldn't be a problem unless you develop significant swelling or pain.